Find relief from varicose veins, pregnancy pains and other conditions.
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Who Are We?

Venosupport is a center of information and guidance about varicose veins and other, usually pregnancy-related, conditions.

Our mission is to help you understand more about your pain and the options for relief, so that you can enjoy a higher quality of life.

Conditions for which our products can help

Varicose Veins
Our range of compressions hosiery are suitable for prevent varicose veins as well as treat spider veins and swollen and twisted varicose veins.

Read our guide to varicose veins for more information about this condition and the various solutions available.

Vulva Varicosities
Our range of specialized girdles/supportive underwear help to relieve or contain varicose veins of the vulva area (Vulva Varicosities)
Our range of light to heavy compression hosiery can help relieve or minimize swelling and water retention in the ankles and legs.
Pregnancy Pains and Discomforts
We have a range of over 20 types of belts and braces to help with a wide assortment of pregnancy
pains and discomforts, including

  • PSD – Pubic Symphiolisis – separation or weakening of pubic bone.
  • Back pain – Middle or lower back pains.
  • Sciatica – pain in the thigh spreading down the leg along the sciatic nerve.
  • Round Ligament pain – pain just under the stomach where the leg joint is, sometimes spreading down inside the legs.

Pregnancy is often difficult, but it doesn’t have to be unbearable. Please call us or come in to our stores to discuss your issue and see if we can help you.

Post-Natal Support
Your pregnancy may be over, but returning to your pre-baby body may not be so simple. Our doctor-approved belts and girdles help the uterus shrink effectively after birth. This solution is especially effective at strengthening loose or weak stomach muscles.
Post Caesarian Pain
Our specialized Panties relieve the pains and discomforts often felt when recovering from a C-Section delivery.
“I recommend the supportive maternity belts for the treatment of Vulva veins, and the braces … I have found them to be extremely helpful”
Dr. Batsheva Shrieki

Vein Specialist

“The supportive girdle very much helps by pushing the swollen veins back in in an area that the compression pantyhose does not support.”
Dr. Sara Levi Vallensi

Vein Specialist

Why suffer in silence when there is a simple solution?

At VenoSupport, it’s not enough for us to just give you the information, we also want to provide you with the very best products. We stock a wide selection of FDA-certified support hose, girdles and more online or at our Birthlite stores.
We will never compromise on quality, affordability or style.

What our clients are saying:

“Amazing Products! The med weight support socks gave my legs the support they had been craving without limiting my movement!”

Midwife, Age 44

“The support hosiery breathed new life into my legs.”

Age 25

“Wow I can actually stand without feeling pressure and discomfort! This girdle really relieves my vulva veins, I feel like I got myself back. Now I can function properly without always looking for somewhere to sit down. “

Age 29

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