About Us

Hi! I’m Nechama S Reich, head of VenoSupport and Birthlite.

You’re probably wondering, just what is VenoSupport all about?

Well, it’s sort of a cross between a resource library and a store, designed to offer as much support as possible to anyone suffering from varicose veins, pregnancy pains, and other similar conditions.

So how did it all start?

Let me share our story with you.

How It All Began

VenoSupport was born out of one woman’s determination to find a solution to her problem.

When Raquel developed vulva varicosities, her pregnancy quickly turned into a nightmare. She was left unable to function, yet the only advice her OB-GYN could offer her was to take maternity leave, go on bedrest, or even just “sorry, this is part of being pregnant”.

Was it really possible that something so small and external could have such a drastic impact on her life – and not have any kind of solution?

And so, her quest began.

Through research and asking around, Raquel soon learned about specific models of maternity girdles and underwear made in the USA specifically to relieve Vulva Varicosities. Could this be the miracle she was searching for? Raquel ordered a few types and was amazed at how it transformed her life.

A solution was found!

The Birth of Birthlite

Raquel knew that she couldn’t be the only one suffering from vulva varicosities and similar issues, so she decided to help other women in Israel with this. She ordered a full line of girdles for vulva varicosities in all sizes and set up shop.

When Raquel’s OB-GYN saw the products and realized how effective they were, he was amazed. Word quickly spread among physicians, vein specialists and women and soon she was fitting and selling these girdles to women from all over Israel. 

In 2010, Birthlite changed hands as Raquel moved abroad and entrusted her mission onto her sister, Nechama Reich.

A Time of Growth

Being an alternative health trained practitioner, Nechama brought with her a keen understanding for the needs of women at all stages, and especially during pregnancy. Additionally, as varicose veins is usually a hereditary condition, Nechama also had personal experience with support belts and the relief they offer.
And so, Nechama took over the business with big ideas.

Why focus only on vulva varicosities when she could help women with many other issues too? Nechama expanded the range of products to include many types of pre- and post-natal supportive girdles as well as a wide selection of support hosiery. She opened a store and extensively trained every worker to ensure that each woman was fitted with the best support, taking her personal needs and preferences into consideration.

The small, home-based sale of girdles quickly evolved into a whole new business. As requests and doctor referrals continued to come in from all over the country, Birthlite continued to grow rapidly. Branches were set up in Beit Shemesh and Bnei Brak to accompany the Jerusalem branch.

Through it all, Nechama and her team never stopped researching the latest breakthroughs in the market, ensuring that her customers always received the best products available. After all, Nechama is well aware that the right support goes a long way.

Birthlite Today

What’s Nechama up to now?

As a driven hard-working young mum, Nechama is never satisfied with ‘good enough’. She is continually searching the market for products that can give the best possible relief to her customers. Considering that a large range of her customers are young (or young at heart), the newest addition to her line of support hose – VenoLegs, an esthetically-pleasing yet highly-supportive hose – has become extremely popular.

She is also working with a highly acclaimed support wear brand to develop a new girdle for both upper thigh and vulva veins for which she has found no sufficiently satisfactory product.

The BirthLite stores have fitted thousands of women for support socks, hose and girdles, and continue to transform the lives of women across Israel. And so, Nechama was ready to take it up a level.

It was time for a new project to begin. Project VenoSupport.

Project VenoSupport

Over the years, there was one phrase that Birthlite customers kept repeating.

“I wish I’d known about Birthlite years ago! It would have saved me so much unnecessary suffering!”

Traditionally, doctors have never had solutions for the type of issues that support hose and girdles can help with, so – as with Raquel – many women have just been told to ‘grin and bear it’. Well, Nechama had had enough.

She dreamed of creating a website full of information, advice and resources for these women, helping them understand more about their condition and discover the range of solutions available.

That dream became VenoSupport.co.il, the go-to resource site for anyone struggling with varicose veins, vulva varicosities, edema, various pregnancy pains and discomforts, post-natal support and post Caesarian pain.

That dream became VenoSupport.co.il, the go-to resource site for anyone struggling with varicose veins, vulva varicosities, edema, various pregnancy pains and discomforts, post-natal support and post Caesarian pain.

Taking it further, Nechama realized that while the majority of her products would need to be fitted in person, there was no reason why – with a little bit of creativity – customers should have to come in to the store in order to buy compression hosiery. The ordering process includes a phone call with a trained member of staff to ensure that every customer will receive the perfect product to suit their needs. You can learn more about the order processhere.

Launched in 2020, VenoSupport.co.il has taken the Birthlite mission to a whole new level.

So that’s the story behind VenoSupport!

I hope you found it inspirational. It’s truly incredible how one determined woman can not only find a solution to her own pain, but go on to help thousands more woman with theirs.

If you want to know more about our stores or any of our solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

All the best,

Nechama S Reich