Vulva Varicosities Girdle: The Solution

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Solutions

What are vulva varicosities?

Vulva varicosities are varicose veins in the Vulva area. Vulva varicosities can present as tiny, moderately swollen veins or as large, bulging, very heavy, itchy veins. Accordingly they can range from being mildly bothersome to severely painful and limiting. You can view our vulva varicosities guide for more information about this condition. In this article we’ll look at how a vulva varicosities girdle can drastically reduce the effects.

Why regular compression hosiery is (often) not effective

Compression hosiery is generally the most recommended way to treat or minimize varicose veins of the legs. Although wearing support hosiery will improve the general blood circulation, when the varicose veins present in the vaginal area, support hosiery alone will not directly support and relieve the vulva veins. Even full compression pantyhose does not provide compression in the crotch area.

What is the solution?

A varicose veins girdle (also known as a belt, supportive underwear or a V-Supporter) is designed specifically to support and minimize the vulva varicose veins.  There are various different girdles available, with a choice of support levels.  All the girdles lie below the stomach so as not to restrict the growing uterus. They usually have an adjustable strap(s) at the front and/or the back of the crotch area to support and lift the vulva veins.

How the girdle works

The girdle provides supports to the vaginal area, and is commonly described as feeling like ‘a hand holding everything up.’ It is put on whilst still in bed, thus preventing the blood from pooling, which is often felt immediately when getting out of bed in the morning. It then continues to hold the veins in place throughout the day, minimising the expansion of the vein walls. This in turn minimizes pooling of the blood in the vulvar area.

How to wear the girdle

The girdle should be worn over cotton underwear or biker shorts and, unless otherwise advised by your doctor, should be worn throughout the day. It should however be taken off when lying down.


Where can I get a vulva varicosities girdle?

In our BirthLite stores, we carry a full range of vulva varicosity girdles in Sizes XS –  4XL. Some options come in both black and white for your convenience.

All the different types of girdles we carry come with tabs which can be tightened or loosened to increase or decrease the level of support. As soon as the girdle is put on, women report feeling immediate relief from the aching and throbbing or pressure in the vaginal area.

How is it fitted?

It’s easy to just order a girdle and hope it fits. At Birthlite, we want to ensure every customer gets the  maximum level of comfort from her girdle, which is why our highly-trained staff will work with each woman to find the very best option for her.

During the fitting, we will ask you to describe where and when you feel pain or pressure and the level of pain or discomfort.  We will also take into consideration your personality type (sensory discomforts etc.) as well as stage of pregnancy and position of your stomach. We will then offer you a few different options to try. Once you have put it on, we will help adjust the tabs for optimal fit and support and then guide you to try a variety of positions and movements to ensure the girdle is mostly comfortable in all positions.

We always encourage our customers to take the option with the most support – that THEY WILL WEAR. Our oft-repeated advice is: “The strongest girdle sitting in your drawer won’t  support you!!”


If you are suffering from any form of vulva varicose veins, we invite you to come into your nearest branch of BirthLite. Be amazed at how a small supportive vulva varicosities girdle can totally upgrade your quality of life!!